I stand in practice. I lead and facilitate evaluations, and guide evaluative efforts across the world. But I also immerse myself in knowledge to gain insights across diverse fields that can inform my work and life.

In this blog write about several topics, which you will find as you scroll down the home page. In my posts you will find recurrent themes.

  • Most importantly: evaluation as practice that recognises the urgency of systems change and transformational development in an era defined by the Anthropocene, the SDGs, the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions, the COVID-19 aftermath, and massive and accelerating inequalities and geopolitical strife as global power shifts.

  • In the Global South, this means seeking how to escape poverty traps while aiming for sustainable living. In the Global North, this means seeking how to end over-consumption, the exploitation of societies and the destruction of our ecosystems. For all, this means living in harmony with one another, reducing our human footprint and treating Earth and life in all its forms with respect.
  • The need to cross multiple boundaries - geographic, cultural, disciplinary, sectoral, methodological, generational and ideological - to gain insights for life and work.
  • Development and evaluation viewed through a complex adaptive systems lens - recognising our interconnections and their implications for how we think and do our work.
  • The transformation of evaluation as a field, to be the best it can be to serve this era well.
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