The Research Quality Plus (RQ+) Assessment Framework

This blog post is about how to measure research quality when viewing research from a systems perspective. We all work with ‘evidence’. This is often based on research, either by ourselves or others. Research is also crucial for a knowledge economy, and its role in society is as important as it has always been. When research is used to inform development action on the ground, it is crucial that it is of high quality. But how is this defined, and measured in ways that go beyond conventional metrics, which are widely seen as insufficient, even misleading?

I write about this in a post on the OnThinkTanks website. It refers to a full paper on the Research Quality Plus (RQ+) Assessment Framework by four co-authors – myself and Tom Schwandt, together with Colleen Duggan and Rob McLean from IDRC. Read More

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Zenda Ofir

Zenda Ofir is a South African evaluation specialist currently based in Switzerland. She is a former AfrEA President, IOCE Vice-President and AEA Board member. She has worked in around 40 countries, primarily in Africa and Asia, and provides evaluation advice to many multilateral and international organisations.

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