Zenda Ofir

Zenda Ofir is an independent South African evaluator at present based near Geneva. She works primarily in Africa and Asia, and advises organisations around the world. She is a former AfrEA President, IOCE and IDEAS Vice-President, AEA Board member, Honorary Professor at Stellenbosch University, Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow, and at present Interim Council Chair of the new International Evaluation Academy.

Sustaining (development) impact

These days we talk a lot about “sustainable development”. And about “evaluating impact”. But I continue to maintain that it is useless to evaluate the impacts of an intervention without focusing on whether such impacts have a good chance to sustain.

This idea must die!

My last two blog posts addressed the issue of Grand Challenges in evaluation. A complementary idea: A type of ‘Grand Challenge’ for the profession (or perhaps rather, a smallish yet Important Challenge) is to make sure that outdated …

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