Thematic Areas

Over the years I have gained experience in all the following areas.

Development evaluation

  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Agriculture – research and development
  • Agriculture – capacity development and the empowerment of women scientists
  • Child labour
  • Community-based resource management
  • Conservation
  • Decent work
  • Development strategy and programming
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Empowerment, capacity development and human development
  • Evaluation policy
  • Fellowship programmes
  • Gender
  • Health systems
  • HIV and AIDS
  • ICT for development
  • Knowledge products – quality and impact
  • Leadership
  • Networks
  • Organisational performance – positioning, programming, governance and operational systems
  • Partnerships
  • Policy, policy influencing and impact

Research evaluation

  • Disaster risk science
  • Research capacity strengthening
  • Research collaboration, partnerships, networks and coalitions
  • Research for development
  • Research quality
  • Research strategy and programming
  • Research use and influence
  • Research impact and value for money

Organisational development

  • Knowledge management strategy development and implementation
  • Strengthening of organisational systems and capacities
  • Evaluation of organisational performance
  • Governance
  • Contributions

Grantmaking (R&D and Innovation)

  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture and food security
  • Rural and urban development
  • Veterinary science
  • Individual research capacity development
  • Organisational research capacity development.

University management

  • Research policy, strategy and programme development
  • Management of contract research, intellectual property rights and commercialisation
  • Internationalisation policy, strategy and programmes


  • Chemical communication in nature (pheromones) – combining analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and ecological systems science