Snippet: Evaluation as Risk Management

Evaluation risk management
Evaluators’ power and influence are limited. There are several reasons for this situation. One relates to how our craft is framed. We are used to ‘selling’ evaluation/M&E as serving accountability, decision-making, learning and knowledge generation. Yet evaluation is still frequently ... Read more »

Evaluation – a Beautiful Practice

Milky Way
I believe that evaluation is a beautiful practice. Of course, I base this assessment on my own definition and sense of beauty. The nature of “beauty” has been the focus of many philosophical discourses over millennia. You may want to ... Read more »

Sustaining (development) impact

Call to action
These days we talk a lot about “sustainable development”. And about “evaluating impact”. But I continue to maintain that it is useless to evaluate the impacts of an intervention without focusing on whether such impacts have a good chance to ... Read more »

This Idea Must Die!

Bad Ideas
My last two blog posts addressed the issue of Grand Challenges in evaluation. A complementary idea: A type of ‘Grand Challenge’ for the profession (or perhaps rather, a smallish yet Important Challenge) is to make sure that outdated ideas die ... Read more »