Welcome to Evaluation for Development

I am a South African scientist and, since 2000, full-time international evaluation specialist. I work where development, knowledge and evaluation intersect. My commitment: I evaluate for the development of the Global South. In this blog I address issues of interest to all those who share this commitment. All countries develop, but it is in the Global South where it is most difficult and important to sustain a positive development trajectory. It is here where the vibrancy and resilience of societies and ecosystems are most inspirational, and where nature is both most awe-inspiring and most devastating. It is here where highly credible, innovative, useful evaluation can make the greatest difference.

More about value propositions

No, I don’t equate evaluation with toilet paper made of gold – even if it costs a cool US$1.3 million. (I know, this is definitely fodder for jokes). But I want to use the image to make a serious point: ... Read more »

Evaluation – a Beautiful Practice

Milky Way
I believe that evaluation is a beautiful practice. Of course, I base this assessment on my own definition and sense of beauty. The nature of “beauty” has been the focus of many philosophical discourses over millennia. You may want to ... Read more »