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I am a South African scientist and, since 2000, full-time international evaluation specialist. I work where development, knowledge and evaluation intersect. My commitment: I evaluate for the development of the Global South. In this blog I address issues of interest to all those who share this commitment. All countries develop, but it is in the Global South where it is most difficult and important to sustain a positive development trajectory. It is here where the vibrancy and resilience of societies and ecosystems are most inspirational, and where nature is both most awe-inspiring and most devastating. It is here where highly credible, innovative, useful evaluation can make the greatest difference.

Sustaining (development) impact.

Call to action
These days we talk a lot about “sustainable development”. And about “evaluating impact”. But I continue to maintain that it is useless to evaluate the impacts of an intervention without focusing on whether such impacts have a good chance to ... Read more »

This Idea Must Die!

Bad Ideas
My last two blog posts addressed the issue of Grand Challenges in evaluation. A complementary idea: A type of ‘Grand Challenge’ for the profession (or perhaps rather, a smallish yet Important Challenge) is to make sure that outdated ideas die ... Read more »

Lives should have equal value

Olympic Kites
Back to blogging after a hiatus of three months during which I travelled too frequently for work assignments. Pressurised schedules do not support writing, but I am hoping to change this over the next month on the road from Beijing ... Read more »